Open Source

Nov 23, 2017

It’s been an incredibly busy year for me, there’s been so much going on that I haven’t really gotten a chance to get to everything that I really wanted to, including my personal side projects. This has led me to realise that I should open source them in the hopes that someone else might get some use out of something I’ve written. Please see below for links to some of my projects:

Moving to Go

Jul 3, 2017

Recently I started experimenting with Golang, the programming language from Google. I’d read about it a bit and heard good things and so I decided that I’d like to give it a go for myself. To get started I wanted to work on a project that meant something to me, I hate following “Hello, World” examples as they never show the real use cases of a language or framework. I decided that a good place to start would be to experiment with serving an API.

Webpack + BrowserSync + PHP

Mar 8, 2017

Ok, look, I’m behind the curve when it comes to Webpack. I’ve heard for a while that it’s a great tool, it brings a lot of benefits to your workflow and it’s not (that) difficult to configure. The other dev at work has finally made the jump to ES6 and so it opened up a bunch of new ideas to us. Not that Webpack requires ES6 or anything, but it does bring a lot of nice syntactic sugar that we’re able to make use of.

January (and Feb) Update

Feb 5, 2017

So here it is, my first update for 2017. I know it comes over a full month into the year and I wish I could say I’ve been super busy but then I’d be a liar. I managed to spent Christmas with my family, which was nice. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get home with them for a Christmas period. I’ve been lucky that my parents were willing to travel around the country to see me while I was serving.

Life With The New MacBook Pro

Dec 10, 2016

So I got my brand new 2016 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar on Friday of last week. I spent some time with it over that weekend and then come Monday I had a very usable web development machine. I’ve spent the last week using it as my primary dev machine and I thought I’d share my initial thoughts. The Machine Itself I’ll start this off by saying that the last MacBook that I owned was 7 years ago, I am by no means an Apple fanboy, for all my personal development I’ve used Linux (Arch) and I’ve loved it.

Current State

Dec 5, 2016

I am definitely not as active as I should be in posting updates to my site, I’ve been super busy lately and things like this slip my mind, it feels like I have so many things that I need to focus on at once and, sadly, my own projects need to go by the wayside sometimes. On the Friday just gone I received my new MacBook Pro. I ordered the 15” model with a touchbar and it is the first Mac I’ve owned in 7 years.

Great Success

Aug 23, 2016

So it’s been a while since I’ve written here. Since that time I’ve discharged from the Army and moved to Melbourne where I am now employed as a web developer at Savi Communications. I’ve really enjoyed the transition and have rediscovered my passion for writing code, instead of slugging it out in a job that I wasn’t fully satisfied with. I definitely miss the military, but not all aspects were so terrific.

Getting back into development

May 15, 2016

My time in the Australian Army is coming to a close and as this happens I need to start focussing more and more on what I wish to do once I get out. I’ve been taking this time to develop my portfolio a little and start to rehash some old code to get it into a workable state. My first port of call was an ERP system that I first wrote a couple of years ago.

Binding volume control to mouse buttons in Ubuntu (and Arch)

May 14, 2016

I use a Logitech MX Master mouse and under Windows the Logitech software allows me to set the buttons on the side of the mouse to do things like controlling the volume, which I much preferred over using the buttons for forwards and backwards. This was something that I hadn’t been able to solve until now and I’ve listed my process below. First you’ll need to install xev, xbindkeys and xautomation.

Welcome! (again)

May 7, 2016

Welcome to my new and (mostly) improved website! I’ve had my site offline for a while now, I haven’t needed to have it up due to focusing on my actual day job, but now, after six years, I’m starting to look at discharging from the Australian Army. So I figure now is as good a time as ever to get back into the swing of things. I hope to use this site as a bit of a place where I can post a collection of my thoughts, showcase some of my work and have a bit of a presence.

My journey from Windows to linux

Apr 18, 2014

Recently I became inspired to give up Windows and move to Linux. There were many benefits, it looks nicer, can run lighter, it’s free and it provides a better and more flexible development environment. There was just one thing holding me back - I occasionally like to play games on my PC. This caused problems for me, there was no native Linux version of my game of choice (World of Tanks) available for Linux and this was really all that was holding me back.